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Lobster Lobby Season 1 Episode 17 (2012)

10:00:00 AMPaul

Ian: Where did that blood come from?!?! I'm kidding, I know where it came from, but I'm so happy that I was able to just use resources I had lying around at my disposal. It was my first time living alone for two years or so and I really indulged in making messes (see the video "A Healthy Lifestyle"). The blood really works with the combat sounds, but this one is a complete assault on the senses. I absolutely love that milk music. I forget why I had a pint of milk in my fridge (some baking or something) but I'm glad I did. "Lobsters were up, very up" is one of my favorite lines from the series although the rest of that monologue sorta trails off. And then Paul saves it, Ted DiBiase style. Is it a show? Is it a store? WHAT IS HAPPENING? 

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