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Lobster Lobby Season 1 Episode 18 (2012)

9:00:00 AMPaul

Ian: I think this is for real my favorite episode of the season. I love the Does it Offend You, Yeah? song and the Fat Boys gag is pretty damn near perfect. And not even ashamed of how proud I still am of the timing on striking that match. I'm inclined to believe it was the first try because I know Paul would have used a botched take or two. And let's face it, tzatziki is a very funny word. I do wonder if Melody is the same person Your Host was referring to in Episode 14. I also wonder if you can get cancer from smoking Sterno fuel from a pipe. 

Paul: I agree with Ian, this may be my favorite episode. At this point the show has moved towards the perfect blend of it being a show and it being a delusional stream of Your Host's consciousness. This episode was a launchpad for so many recurring jokes. The Does That Offend You, Yeah? song makes an appearance in all three seasons and Your Host dancing umprompted have both become a staple of the series. Watching this series more analytically now, I am wondering who Your Host is speaking to? He deliberatley knows the producer (Paul) and how to contact him, and it can't be a camera operator since he mentions the camera several times ... 

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