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Shit Japants 3 - Funky Forest - The Strangest Movie EVER!

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I am going to open the Pandora's Box of Japanese insane cinema with a post about Funky Forest: First Contact (Naisu No Mori). I first saw this movie with +Ian Insect when I was visiting him in Construx Chicago (Site of Lobster Lobby Season 1). I have to admit that I wasn't sober and it severely limited my cognizance  of reality. It turns out, that it really didn't matter what state of mind I was in; I was never going to understand it.

The movie is two and a half hours of an "outrageous collection of surreal, short attention span non-sequiturs" which translates of a bunch of this ...

The movie itself is pretty innovative with Japan's signature blend of creativity and uncomfortable humor. The story moves from scene to scene each disjointed and jarring from the previous setting. It ranges everywhere to a beautiful piece of art to, frantic animation, to more of this ...

Funky Forest Just refuses to be quantified into a category, type, or mold and perhaps that's why I liked it so much, You can watch it at face value or delve into the pathos of every scene and you can still be fulfilled.

If you want to watch the whole movie you can right HERE.

If you do anything, watch the scene below which may be the strangest in all of cinematic history.

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