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HowToons: Identifying Feline Threat Levels - A Visual Guide

8:58:00 AMBrian Blystone

At, we have a very strict "No Cats" policy. Call it bias. Call it prejudice. Call it my terrible allergies. Or just blame the dog. But is decidedly a Cat-Free Zone.

But that doesn't mean that we, at Toons, are unaware of cats and what they bring to the world. Oh, no. We would argue that we are more aware than most and that what cats bring to the world is DANGER!

However, one of the more important things I learned in the Army is that situational awareness and vigilant preparedness can trump nearly any danger that exists. With that in mind, I present to you, the readers of ConstruxNunchux a visual guide to identifying exactly how much of a threat your cat - or someone else's cat - poses to your person.

- Brian


HowToons is a continuing periodic series of posts which are available on both and Each HowToons will be available as "exclusive" content on one site or the other for a period of time before appearing on the other - except for this post because of the aforementioned No Cats policy. Follow @ToonsShow on twitter to keep up to date on HowToons and the Toons and Toons Game Time podcasts.

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