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construXnunchuX Summer Jamz #1 - Prodigy: The Day is My Enemy

1:13:00 PMPaul

This is off Prodigy's 6th album, "The Day is My Enemy". Man, remember Prodigy? They were atop my favorite lists in the late 90's and they really continued to make solid music throughout their career with understated albums "Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned" and "Invaders Must Die". You just have to know what you're getting into with Prodigy; unforgiving frayed beats that pummel you laced with the caustic lyrics of Prodigy madmen Keith Flint or Maxim Reality. This song is really no exception as the sweet Ella Fitzgerald sample tip toes between the shrapnel of thumping bass and militaristic drums pounding. It's a great song to kick you in the ass and take on the day's challenges.

So please enjoy it. no joke. There it is. For free. No bullshit, no viruses, or anything because I'm not smart enough.

Download it HERE 

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