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#MoreCats - Smart Cats

8:26:00 AMRyan Noble

Did you wake up to your dog drinking from the toilet this morning? Sick of coming home and wondering why you K-9 thinks it is an acceptable greeting to attempt to hump your leg without even making you dinner or saying hello first?

Yeah, I don't really get to mad over these things either...

However, I am sure you LOVE smart cats!

This #MoreCats is dedicated to smart cats! (Or mostly just cats with glasses..)

"I like to read the news after bringing you dead mice"
"Your move, mittens"
"I am studying for a test that is bigger than me!!"
"Why didn't we get one of these sooner?"
"See, only the divine can walk on water!"
"This is how you delete your history, human"
"17,22,2 aaaand 5. I'M OUT!"
"What a beautiful day!" 
"I told you you would have less wires if you got an HDMI TV. Who uses RCA cables still?"

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