Open Arms

11:55:00 PMPaul

imperfections cross jaggedly along my flesh each one a reminder of you
and you come home on the same water that made me feel safe
how i hate the smile on your face as the wind bends to your employment 
great manipulator take down your sails and follow the light, 
the land of rape and honey is here waiting for you
I know you have exhausted your land, and damaged your influence,
we know your visit is not for pleasure.
the business of blood is what motivates your bleached white skeleton
our throats when they are slit are to blame for tempting the devil into your blade
your reputation we will ignore, and push down into our hearts to numb the pain
we do not want to cross swords with you for fear of chasing you away
we will unlock our doors, and dig our heads in the sand
its the respect we have given to you, siting laws so old the language is lost
we pity the path you took, and absolve you of our sins
this life was not for you, it was cruel divinity that shoved you
let us anchor your boat, and open our purses
we will give you every last drop of blood we have left
 We will be sad when you go leaving our town full of orange blistering brick, and infected ash filled air. 
We will blame the fire, and drain the moat, counting down the days until you come again.

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