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Andy Sighting (Final)

9:59:00 PMPaul

Due to pending active litigative action and legal law--and not because of complete lack of interest, as you may assume--we unfortunately will be discontinuing our "Andy Sightings" series.  Here is one last letter that we were legally cleared to post...

Andy K., Memphis, TN

"Paul and Ian Paul and Ian PAULANDIAN!!!!!! 
I saaaawwwww yooouuuuuuuuuuu.  You didn't know it but I saw you.  I was at home in New York visiting fmaily and I was getting a hot dog at Han Bat (best in town!) right before some karaoke (I was gonna go in and lip synch) and there were these two guys...  They we just like i don't know perched up on the awning and staring at people ike they were gonna hunt them! I got a quick, blurry picutre but I startled them.  They jump off  and run away.  So I follow them down the street and they didn't know and you don't need to know this but they started holding hands.

Well at one point the one guy stopped and the other guy kept going across the street against the light like a real city street walker, but all of a sudden he stoppoed right in the middle of the road and started dancin around in a circle.  The other guy kept yelling at him.  RRRNNBAAPP!!!!  But heignoerd him i think he was trying to get some guy's attention and I snuck a pohot without the lfash.  Then they started chasing each other and shouting about curry.  I wanted to tell them about Han Bat, but I didn't wnat to scare them again. so i rean after.

When I caught up with them again, they were crawling under moving traffic and trying to direct it, screaming SQUISHY!!!  Of course the taxis were very very patient.  No just kidding.  They were patient and then they started rolling on the street and saying Worrrrrrrmmsss!!  This went on for a couple hours so I went and did my carryokie when I finished at the bar it was dawn after 15 encorces.  And I thought I had seen the last of those guys but the next day sa fter not singing, there was a rufkus in the town square.  At opposite ends, and nocking over people they were charging at each other and I guess keeping score they tried to get other people involved and keeping score but i volunteered and they said AUNT AGNEW andran away again!

I saw them after the elton jon matines and they climbed up out of the crowd coming out of the thearter and climbed onto an ambulance and they started hugging.

Well I wanted a hug ttoo!! And I shouted Hey Construx (I love your Find Andy feature, i sent in one a while ago) And Paul Ian!!  Dinner!!  And you guys and they ran down the street and shouted werre a dot com were a dot com!  They were slurring and drunk and waved the towels.  And I got in a taxi and followed them while they were leaving town and this is the only picutre i got of them leaving town.  Love Andy. PS Bumperrrrsticccckkkkeerrrrrrr."

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