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Yesterday, February 14, in Jamestown NY was the funeral of marine Aaron Swanson who was killed in action from a roadside explosive. The funeral was a big deal as all military funerals tend to be, with several dozen people besides family looking to pay their respects to the fallen soldier.

It was Sunday morning when I saw this posted on Facebook ---> Westboro Baptist Church in Jamestown.

Thank you?
For those who are lazy and hate reading it is a planned protest of the funeral of this poor kid by the disgusting group called the Westboro Baptist Church. They claim that military funerals have become "pagan orgies of
idolatrous blasphemy" and that GOD is doing this because we accept homosexuals as human beings.

What they essentially do is stand obscenely close to the funeral and show offensive signs like "GOD HATES FAGS" and "THANK GOD FOR DEAD SOLDIERS" and claim that this is our fault that they have to protest these funerals. They sign hymns and yell horrible things to the family to intentionally upset the family.  Below is a video of thier disgusting behavior:

Now I am all about free speech, and I am fiercely middle of the road about most topics, and I love the fact I can write this blog, and say whatever I want. I've posted something that some would consider offensive towards Christianity with my Jesus killing dinosaurs, and poking fun at the story of Jesus' death and resurrection.  I can explain it as entertainment, it's in poor taste, but it's entertainment. My end result of what I do is happiness. 

This man clearly has all the answers.
The Westboro Baptist Church's intention is to harm, hurt, and spew hatred. You can believe what you want, but if your intention is to hurt someone, and your end result is not happiness then no have no reason/right to do what you are doing. They attack when people are at their most vulnerable and yell nonsense at them.

They have no collective goal. They are not trying to teach a lesson, preach a belief, support a cause, or even eliminate homosexuality - its to hurt. They hide under the 1st amendment which its intention to empower the common man, and make sure that everyone has a right to be heard. 

Do NOT bring me into this
Now a question I came up with myself is what makes the Westboro Baptist Church different than someone who just like to shock like Marilyn Manson? Manson has done some pretty "offensive" things and has been very open to mock Christianity. What if the Westboro Baptist Church is just there to shock people, almost like performance "art". What makes them different than anything else we may not agree with?

The difference is that you can ignore Marilyn Manson. You can't deny that he exists, you can not buy his music, you can turn him off on the TV, and you don't have to go to his performances. The Westboro Baptist Church comes to YOU. You can agree, disagree, but no matter they come to you, and shove their beliefs in your face in the most disgusting way they can. That is what I have a problem with.

I am still a staunch believer of anyone can believe what they want, even these people. You can worship aliens, satan, or anything else, but to force it on someone is horrible. In life no one is right. No one has the right answer. The point is whether you want to look for it or not. You can find strength in it, you can lean on it when you feel weak, or you can live by it if you think it makes you a better person, but your beliefs are your own. As much as you'd like to believe that your system of beliefs is the ultimate right answer, just remember its the right answer for YOU. If your goal is to be a source of happiness for someone then believe whatever you want.

Big UPs J-town
To sum up, I am not usually someone to really take a black and white stance on anything really, but this is something that really hit a nerve with me. I am very happy that people showed up in Jamestown, not to confront these people, but to let the family mourn in peace. I am happy people saw something that they didn't believe in and did something about it - the right way.

I personally came a little late to the party since my wife was at school and I had to watch Vinny. I came around noon, and the police blocked off the whole parameter, and the group was confirmed to have never came. I heard a rumor that no local hotel would let them stay the night in the area, and I also heard that they were there at one point, but was escorted away before they became noticeable by the public.

Good on ya' Jamestown!

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