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4000th Visitor Tribute: Jared "Thunderbird" Anderson

8:54:00 AMPaul

There are points in world history you can always look back, and remember that moment in explicit detail. You remember where you were, who you were with, the smell in the air, what you had for lunch, every intimate detail of your life carved in stone. On Wednesday February 23rd, the day was just being reared from the cold night sky, Jared Anderson made one curious visit that would forever change his life, as the numbers 4-0-0-0 came into the screen.

This documents the wild ride to stardom as a regular everyday car salesman, Jared Anderson, changed his life with one simple swipe of his finger.

Below is the video of Jared winning his prize:

The second video is the congratulatory phone call featuring Ian from

The final video is a follow up over 24 hours after the contest, and how it has changed his life:

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