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Construxnunchux's Top 100 Songs of 2019

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Every year I skillfully avoid work and listen to thousands of songs of all genres and put them into two groups; cutting room floor and top 100.

This year will be my 10th year doing this arduous labor of love. In the decade I've been doing this it's been amazing how music has evolved into this genre-less shotgun of sounds and ideas. On the opposite end of the spectrum the cycle of trends are becoming smaller and smaller as the turn-around used to be 20 years of trends have dramatically shrunk to around 10.

This year, I've personally gravitated to noisier acts like Ho99o9, Health, and Lightning Bolt. I've stumbled upon a Gen-Z treasure chest of micro-pop, and the cultural phenom Billie Ellish is undeniable.

Hip-hop was a little stagnant with no one really pushing the genre forward into brave new territory but I am seeing a move towards a more horror-themed movement in the hip-hop community. The music is getting darker and borrowing from punk and edm.

It's great to see 90's returns in DJ Shadow, The Chemical Brothers, and -my favorite- Tool. Who would have thought that this would have been the year for TOOL?

I can't comment on the new album yet. I really enjoy it but as strange as it sounds it takes a little while to absorb a new album and properly "get it".

Two favorites for 2019 that were new to me where Flume & Ghostemane.

Flume is a genre-destroying EDM artist who shattered my reality and understanding of what electronic music could be by blending vacuous drops, tension ripping bass lines, and noises that transcended anything I've ever knew about music. He is a rare, rare artist where his signature sound is indescribable, unmistakable mark on any song he puts his hands on.

Ghostemane is like the child of Marylin Manson and Busta Rhymes. A goth-noise-punk-hip hop mashup wrapped in Black Metal make up and a lovely dress.

I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it, and continues to explore and share any music that moves their booty.

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