construX konnietashinnz: Is Ian a Spaz(z)?

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What is a spaz(z)?

As we discussed over the past three weeks, while the genus nerdus refers to the broader roman nomenclature blah blah blah...

So a spazz is very similar to a dweeb in that they don't bring to the table what a geek does in the way of brains or have any arrogant smarts to fall back on.  A spazz is most closely related, of the species we previously examined, to the nerd.  A spazz subsists on outrage and indignation.  Unlike a nerd, though, a spazz is easily bested due to a lack of knowledge about a particular subject.

Through the diminished intellectual approach employed by the spazz, though, their areas of interest are far vaster than that of a nerd's and usually based in a more innate feeling about a topic than an educated approach or a sense of duty to protect an obscure treasure or guilty pleasure.  A spazz is full of guilty pleasures, the most prominent being the uncontrollable urge to constantly engage in arguments until proven right, and even if the cause is just, the approach generally does little more to alienate both opponents and would be converts.

What makes a spaz more complicated than just a Level 1 Nerdus nerdus is that there are strong elements of geeking out.  When a spaz gets excited, for example, when someone agrees with him, he cannot hide, control, or contain his elation, to an embarrassingly childish degree.  All in all, the spaz is a step closer to a normal person than a nerd, but several degrees less useful than any geek.  A spaz may seem normal, appear normal even, yes and even even look normal and act normal too.  But hit that hot button, and whether a friend or foe, the spaz will snap and convulse into action attempting to prolong one sided arguments about why everyone who disagrees is wrong wrong wrong.  Spazzes need to be converted, because they would make great sports fans.


Is Ian A Spazz?

Whatta you think??

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