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What is a Geek?
Last week, we discussed what we believe a nerd to be, and while the term, we concluded, applies to all forms of unintentionally quirky outcasts (these guys excluded), but to clarify and clearly reiterate, the genus nerd is not the same as the species nerd, and while the species geek does fall under the broader taxonomy of nerds worldwide, it's an unfair confusion that befalls them to consider their speices or their attribution with that of true nerds.  With this designation in place, please understand that any further references to nerds herein are to that of the contrasting species.
A geek, like a nerd, is physically inept and socially invalid, often choosing by default to consume their time, overcome the crippling blows to self-confidence ostracization manifests, and find some justifcation for even being alive.  Eventually this passing or in-depth interest consumes the geek.  The difference in this case that the obsessions that fill the voids in geeks left by lack of social interaction actually work to a certain degree.

A geek has no intention of lording knowledge over anyone else or even using it as a crutch in social situations, other than those that demand the area of expertise said geek possesses. A geek, in many ways, is the diametric oppostie to the nerd. While both spend copious amounts of time investigating useless knowledge (in fact, both usually follow the same course of exploration), the geek is content sharing the knowledge with no one, not resisting the title imposed by "norms". In an appreciable paradox, the geek's laisez-faire attitude regarding society's peer perception, unlike the nerd's defiant superiority and isolation, actually relaxes the social tension and leads in rare cases to a general acceptance of the geek by a larger social strata. Geeks genuinely want to be accepted on a human level, and if this is offered, a geek will assuredly jump at the chance.

A good example of the above phenomena is this guy, Samuel "Screech" Powers, from Paul's favorite show, Saved By The Bell.  He willingly participates in the group's many harried escapades and believes he can win over a pretty and snobby girl.  he views himself as on par with the other, normal guys.  And the elements of his character that he's often ridiculed for, including the voice that's provided him with his nickname, are out of his control.  He doesn't let that hinder him, nor does he use it as an excuse for angsty, separatist behavior.  Nor does he attempt to make an ironic, knowing use of these shortcomings hoping to come across as cute for identifying an embracing his annoyances.  This is not the same as using one's obstacles to one's advantage, which is easily arguable that this fictional geek does on a weekly (or syndicated) basis.

The one downside that characterizes the geek is the action whose name has been adopted recently into common parlance... "geeking out"--losing self-control at inappropriate times in direct reaction to overstimulation or confrontation of an encounter of exceptional appeal.  All geeks geek out, and this is the major defining attribute.  It's almost a momentary lapse in developmental psychology, immaturity so to say, when presented with a physical manifestation of one's own ideals.  Some geeks will geek out about everything, such as pretty girls talking to them, and in essence not ever know how to handle themselves in anything other than distanced or muted social interaction.  Of course, this behavior has been co-opted by norms as well as being a nerd has.  And as such, a pointed positive spin has been put on the complete inability to express oneself with any amount of dignity.  We all at one point in our lives geek out, if we're living right. 

I feel that geeks are a decidedly beneficial addition to the human race and it's unfair that nerds dominate mainstream culture as the object of counter-culture (along with slackers).  I think geeks try very hard to please every one and even that all of us have a little geek inside of us wherein that may not be said about nerdery, so it's time that geeks got their due!

Is Ian a Geek?

Iiiiiiii dunnnooooooo, let's ask this guy...

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