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Top 10 Charlie Kelly Moments

2:20:00 PMPaul

This is my favorite show by a long margin its the perfect storm of silliness, loud noises, and line-crossing humor. If you don't know Charlie Kelly, you are doing life wrong. My favorite character in the show whose personality can best be described as sweet naive insanity. Charlie is a consistent scene stealer and picking just 10 scenes are almost a criminal act, defacing such a marvelous body of work. Enjoy!


How they didn't lose their minds while filming this is unreal. Magnets, milkstake, and little green ghouls sounds like heaven to me.


Only Charlie can describe a pear as tasting like sand.


This scene reveals Charlie's and Frank's diet consists of a healthy amount of newspaper, credit cards, and wolf hair.


Often duplicated, but never replicated, Charlie's butt dance is a perfect blend of grace, and skill.


Kitten Mittons, a gateway to the mildly successful Dick Towel,  may be the most practical of all of Charlie's inventions.


Charlie's claustrophobia catches up to him when trapped between the bar, and a fence.


Charlie, weeks into harsh steroid abuse, is in the middle of a delicious sandwich.


Charlie meets Santa Claus, and asks him a very fair question. Santa had in coming.


Sorry about the bad clip, but it showcases Charlie's skill communicating with the feline world. His idea to extract a cat from a wall may be flawed, but his mistakes hopefully will pave the way for others with cat inbeddment issues.


Charlie's knowledge of the law not only cover criminal aspects, but also reaches into the unjust world of aviary litigation.

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