revlexionZ: Center elementary vs. Ian (91-92)

4:03:00 AMPaul

You know the score.  This is the next in a series of vandalized yearbooks that a college-aged (aged) Paul created in one feverishly inspiration soaked eveningRegardless of what may have been said previously, this may be the very best overall collection of artwork in the series, combining subtlety and complete chaos and not needing any additional commentary.  Once again, we are defacing the work of one Lee German's life.-- cXnX mGmX

Frame 1a:  " Ian's Satan bus pulls in." 
Ian [waving]: "Bye kids."

Frame 1b: [On the blackboard] "D - hit."

2a: " Ian entertains the class with his new song." 
Ian: "I'm gonna kill you children so screw you" 

2b: "[review]s Ian" 
Mrs. Claypool: "That's a bad Ian."

3a: "Ian places values on storys."
Ian: "It sucks! They all suck!"

3b: "Ian more than the rest."
Mrs. Mumich: "Get up Ian! You smell!"
[Arrow label:] "Sweat puddle"

4a: "As Ian stalks the faculty"
Ian [behind the bookshelves]: "Tee hee"

4b: "was killed with a baseball bat (by Ian)."  [Disclaimer--Paul no longer condones, supports or makes light of animal cruelty.]

5a: [Sentence:] "THE CAT SAT..."

5b: Ian (for real!!): "I am God."
6a: Ian: "Yeah, they taste great!"  
Mr. Domasky: "I can't believe he ate another one. *sigh*"

6b: Ian: "Okay, first word. Shithole." (Not sure if that's the first word or he's addressing someone in class.)

7a: Ian: "No one will know..."

7b: Ian [hanging from a light]: "I HATE FOOD!"

8a: Child on swing: "I wish my swing did that."

8b: Ian [In the front row pointing at Mrs. Apostalos]: "No!"

9a: Ian [Running for the fountain]: "Stop!  It's my fountain!!"

9b: Mrs. Pisula: "Ooh Ian don't do that"

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