cXnX Extended Cat Family- Los Cinco Gatitos Negros y El Hombre Asqueroso (muy asqueroso)

2:31:00 PMPaul

Hey everyone.  I just spent 3 weeks housing, feeding, and cleaning up after five 3 month old kittens. They were playful and sweet.  I enjoyed it.  This is mostly a photo/video essay, so I will say that you can probably follow the rest of their journey from here.

I was sad to see them go, of course, but if there is one thing I did my best to teach them in their time with me, it was to always PARTY HARD!!!!

Enjoy--cXnX mGmX  (if you think pictures of cats is embarrassingly lame, then I will fight you.)

The one yawning above came to me as Cindy, was renamed Hisstron and left re-renamed Bambellina.  Try to resist.
Everytime I entered, it seemed I was interrupting some cat conference or other.
Turns out a dark bathroom is the ideal place to keep shy kittens.
Cats chomp food and turn it into poop.
The clinic gave all the kittens Brady Bunch names which isn't really my style.  This one was Jan.  I renamed her Tartella.  Here she is telling me a saucy secret.
The kittens occupied about helf of my apt.  This is how they used the space.
The one in the middle was Gregory.  He's extremely photogenic and likes to bite things he shouldn't.
Cats sleep.  A lot.  Here's the evidence.

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