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Lobster Lobby Season 1 Episode 9 (2012)

11:27:00 AMPaul

This is another good episode which debuts another great gimmick of Ian dancing. It's a running gag that follows the show through all the 3 seasons. The phone interactions really tie the producer (me) and Ian's tumultuous relationship that also sticks for all 3 seasons.

Ian: Man, I wanted to see more of enthusiastic Ian, where that was going. I wonder if we still have all the raw footage somewhere and what we didn't use. Also, Paul graciously yeilded to my request that we use Japanese Noh theater music when I drink rice wine from a bowl. It puts me in mind that we did have phone conversations when discussing production touches on the raw lobsters. I AM SO PROFESSIONAL ON THE PHONE!!!

Episode 9: Back by court demand! Your host encounters a Lobster Finagle and the leaders of the nation interfere with the show! This episode is FILLED with lobster sobriety!

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