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Lobster Lobby Season 1 Episode 8 (2012)

8:30:00 AMPaul

Oh hell yes, what a great episode. This is the exact opposite of what I would have said about Ep 6. There is a very clear idea here and executed with gusto. I love when it cuts in midway at a sentence and follows this great behind the scenes rapport with the crew. This is an emotional and cathartic episode. And the punchline "That's what I would say to him..." to me is very classical in approach and that it cuts off at the "Welcome to--" is gold! (Another great instinctual Paul edit.) For anyone who can get past something as clearly uncomfortable as a confrontation with a parent and something as unclear as the execution ("Is he talking to himself? Is there an invisible dad?"), the payoff really works here. 

And we haven't really mentioned the titles yet, so I want to leave that here for a reminder to have that discussion a little later.

Episode 8: Your host finally confronts his father! More secrets revealed!

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