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Cat War on Catnip.

10:56:00 AMRyan Noble

Many of you have been messaging us wondering why there have been no updates on the Cat War in a while. There is no simple answer for this... We will however do our best to explain.

As you all know, the majority of our information leaks have come from Rock and Roll. RnR as you know is in charge of cat relations between the American and Canadian cats. Sadly, we had not heard from RnR for a while. A while being a month after the last Cat War post. Not long after that we received a picture anonymous person/cat with a simple letter attached that said "WTF"

Above is a picture that was sent to us. In this picture it is clear that RnR is high on catnip... That's right, catnip. It seems that "Operation Cat Nip" was a huge success. Since the attack is when RnR went missing. Though this is the only picture of him, we have received written statements from cats on the Canadian side that say they have seen him.

"He ran around saying he was the hottest pussy ever" Breadcrumb remembers, a cat who works in the mess hall for the Canadian cats.

"He asked me if I had any nip, and just stared at me weird as he jingled the bell on is collar" Sad memories of the last interaction between RnR and Marbles. Marbles could not tell us more due to personal issues. (Flea bath)

"He asked me if I wanted to find out how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll centre of a tootsie pop... WTF does that even mean" Sargent Mittens tells us about the last time he saw RnR. "His eyes were only partly open..."

We are currently trying our best to get more updates on RnR. Hopefully we are able to find him and get him off of the junk. Now he is needed more than ever! If you hear anything, please share any information with us.

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