woods madness 3


12:00:00 AMPaul

Starring Paul and Ian Clemente
Music by Ryan Noble and Ian Clemente
Written by Paul Clemente, Ryan Noble and Ian Clemente
Editing by The Clemente Brothers

SYNOPSIS: Set during the time of bark wine prohibition, Woods Madness 3 pulls back the layers of the psyche an strips bare the bark of men's constitution with the stunning, cunning storytelling one can expect only from the Clementes. Two men with vastly different aspirations. Two men cast down from the peaks of their former glory. One destined for greatness; the other for tragedy. As these two souls trudge through the dregs and daily drudgery of their seemingly endless lives--lives that sprouted from even foggier beginnings--The Woods Gods bring them together for one madcap get-rich-quick scheme. A scheme... of biblical proportions. As they both scrape to reclaim their past identities, it quickly becomes apparent that more meets than the eye. While both men make an eternal vow to each other that nothing can break, something breaks that vow. Academy Award snubbed composer Ryan Noble provides a soundtrack that punctuates the thrills and quills of this nauseatingly original tale of romance, loyalty and leaves that will simply leave you..... IN THE WOODS.

 RATED W (for Woods, of course, and for brief nudity, arboreal copulation and gaping plot holes)

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