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We at Construx Nunchux are all music lovers. A lot of our videos and posts are music related. We try very hard to give credit to the artists we borrow music from but sometimes it doesn't happen. I know there have been times when I have done that myself.

This post is an attempt to correct this. Some of these songs I love, some I dont so much and used them to fit a mood that I was trying to set. Either way, these artists worked hard to make these songs and we thank thank for not suing us for using them.. Here are some of these tracks..

In "The Art of Seduction" I used this track from Corrosion of Conformity titled "Stonebreaker"

COC - Stonebreaker

In "Nostalgia - Hockey Jersey Problems" I used Ben Harpers "Gold to Me"
Ben Harper - Gold to Me

In "Nostalgia - The Cockatiel" I used  Outkasts "B.O.B" 
Outkast - B.O.B

In "Nostalgia - Self Titled?" I used  Corrosion of Conformities "Seven Days"
COC - Seven Days

In "Consult Construx #2 Cry for a lady bunny" I used  R.Kelly's "I Believe I can Fly"
R. Kelly - I Believe I can Fly

In "The Perfect Shot" I used DZK's Torcher 2 and Mr. Perfects WWF Theme Music
DZK - Torcher 2

Mr. Perfects Theme song

Here are a few other songs used that I cant remember where or when I used them..

Serj Tankian Falling Stars

DZK - Kill Everyone

Some Tracks are not available..

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