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If you are a regular here at, you have seen our two previous posts on Raper, ooops I mean Rapper DZK. If you missed them and want to play catch up, here they are.

Whats a DZK?
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Luckily, after the posts were put on the site we decided to attempt to reach out to DZK about the possibility of an interview. It was not long after that he responded that he was willing to take part. Obviously, like most of his music he did not require money in exchange for this courtesy. He even said that Ryan's offer of younger women, though appreciated was not necessary.

Here is the interview. (Conducted by Ryan Noble  with DZK)

What is your favourite album of all time?

Nirvana  - With The Lights Out (box set). Hip-Hop wise, it's Gravediggaz - 6 Feet Deep.

If you could battle any rapper (of all time) who would it be?   -- Either one of these guys.

What is the first album that you owned?
My brother owned the Michael Jackson "Bad" record until I kept trying to scratch with it on my parents shitty record player. Then I owned it.

I saw you say on the interweb that you are almost done your newest album. I read rumours that it will include a Torcher III. Can you confirm if this is true or not?
Yeah... Torcher III will happen. Either on the EP or released for free with the album, but it's going to be available in one way or another. It's hard to find epic beats that suit what I envision for it.

In that case, how many people do I have to kill to get a Now Now II?
Just one. Yourself. The elevator that takes you down to Hell plays "Now Now II" exclusively. The Dark Lord's lawyers would not allow me to release it on the surface. Licensing issue.

What inspires your lyrics?
I was going to say the cliche answer of "everything" or "life" but specifically? Comic books, movies, art, pop culture, high school girls, drug fueled rage.

If you had to pick one of your tracks to try and sell yourself to someone, which one would you pick and why?
Inhuman. Now I'm going to monitor the page hits to that song and see how many people this interview reaches. I better see a spike in the stats, motherfucker. (Listen to Inhuman here)

Of all the current Hip Hop artists, who do you most enjoy and why?
I enjoy the fact that an unsigned artist hit #1 on the Billboard charts, that Thrift Shop song from Macklemore is ill. Also, I sometimes wonder if Nicki Minaj's actual butthole is just as into high-fashion as she is. I like to imagine that it is.

In your writing process, do you pick a beat before you come up with lyrics, or do you work on lyrics and fit them to music after they are written?
It happens both ways. When I'm feeling saucy, sometimes I write to a beat, rap it, flip the entire recording backwards and re-learn the rap backwards and then re-record it backwards and then flip it forward again on the beat.

What would have to say to piss you off enough to do a dis track at our expense?
Friend, if you pay me enough, I have no problem verbally kicking you in the nuts. Gayest thing I ever said.

Are there any plans on doing any more Red Giants tracks?
Maybe if F.a.T would quit his new stupid high-paying job, get evicted and just record music while living on the streets out of dumpsters like I suggested, yeah.

After we asked you for an interview and you checked out our website, what was your first thought after viewing it? And how long after that did you regret accepting my offer?
Looked like shit. Seconds after the offer. With DZK on it, you're moving in the right direction though. Haha.

Your Opera track might be one of the funniest tracks I have ever heard yet finding it online is tough, is there any reason for this or are you just not that into the track?
I've never done Opera, my vocals simply do not have the range. OH, YOU MEAN OPRAH, the track about my relationship with Oprah. I think it was removed on Soundclick due to copyright violations or some shit. Oprah may have been behind it.

Of all your tracks, which one have you received the most negative response over?
Hmmm. Not sure, actually. The ACLU put out a response when some kid in Pennsylvania got suspended from school for writing rap lyrics and he listed me as an influence. So, all.

Rarely does someone get the chance to interview someone that they are a fan of... Minus people who do that shit for a living. May those people be swallowed whole by a Worm Helix.  However, not only was DZK very willing to do the interview, he was a decent human and very humble. We at Construx Nunchux want to thank him for his time, and for being less of a monster than his music would lead one to believe he is. Check out some of these links and ways you can get MORE DZK.

DZK Online
DZK on SoundClick
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