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The Cat Wars - Kid Rock on the Run!

7:00:00 AMRyan Noble

If you missed the last Cat War update, here is what you missed. Kid Rock started the Cat War?

We have received word that since the last post, that Kid Rock is now on the run. Construx Nunchux went to    the underground railroad that Kid Rock was forcing cats into making train tracks but when we got there, we found a surprise. Kid Rock and all of the kittens were gone. All that was left were some rail road tools and cat poop. Clearly Rock does not feel the need to have liter boxes.. Is there no end to his madness? Kid Rock is an asshole...

So the obvious question is, "Where in the world is Kid Rock and the kittens?"

Luckily for us, we have Chux Chasers all over the world. And we have gotten updates of Kid Rock all over the globe. Sadly though, there are only a few images that have been sent to us. One thing has been consistent. No matter where he has been spotted, he has been seen running around with a basket of kittens. Here are the few pictures that we have received.

We can only assume that he is stealing kittens for this rail road. We are not sure why he is doing this, all we can do is try and stop him, and soon! It is one thing for him to slaughter music and steal peoples music, but I will be damned if I do nothing about his kitten stealing.

 If you know where Kid Rock is or have any pictures of where he is, please feel free to share them with us!

As far as the Cat War itself, sadly we have nothing to report today. Both sides of the war have been very silent, and all humans who have tried entering the war grounds have been clawed and sprayed... However, we were promised an interview soon with Sgt. Buttonsworths spokescat, Oreo. Hopefully then we can give some update on the status of this awful war. Please stay tuned.

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