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Construx Logos: Ryan's Pictures

7:00:00 AMRyan Noble

So I am very inspired by the people I work and share friendship with on this site. Earlier this week you may of seen Paul's Photoshop's. Since then I cannot stop working on these things. There is a range on nonsense that I came up with, and it only felt right that I would share them here on the site.

 This is obviously of us as the Foot Clan for the Ninja Turtles. Our Ninja training was difficult, but I think it paid off.

I have always wanted to do one of Mike Tysons Punchout. I imagine this is how a fight between Ian and Iron Mike would go down

 This was just an attempt at trying out the new font. I was possibly thinking of Woods Madness when I was working on this one.

 I am not sure what inspired this one. I think though of all the ones that I have ever done, this is my favorite. I think I just really like the font and the colours.

 A Lobster Lobby picture. This one was pretty simple but it was a lot of fun messing with the colours of the image. I really like the font of the CXNX logo.

 This is a prime example of me getting off track. Originally this was a ring of fire that somehow got out of control. I am pretty happy with it, even though it was not what I had first pictured the end result would be.

 I hate the idea of Ian being on fire but I love the idea of him on the cover of this classic Rage Against the Machine album.

This went from being black and whit at first, to very colourful. I love how this one turned out. I wanted to keep it simple, but as I worked on it I just ended up throwing in more and more colour. I am happy that that is how I went with it.

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