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Construx Logos: Paul's Pics

7:54:00 AMPaul

Here are a bunch of Photoshops I've done over the passed week or so. They usually come in chunks just like the inspiration that creates them. I've been toying with a universal font "daft font" as an unofficial font for cXnX.

This one was 80's style all the way, or as it reminds me of ... my 2nd grade yearbook - no lie.

This is the first t-shirt candidate. Obviously a Ramones knock-off but with the cXnX flair of lobsters. I'm not totally convinced on the banner in the lobster's claws (which reads Woods cxnx Madness) but overall I am very happy with the design because I did it from scratch when I usually would take the original and copy over it.

This one was a metallic over red satin. Classy as shit.

This one is supposed to look like sharpie drawn on foil. Inspired from left overs from a restaurant.

This was another inspiration from a day I was leaving a parking lot. S10 stands for September 2010 -when we were founded.

No clue. Suck it Heathcliff.

This was directly inspired from a Japanese Daft Punk album cover. Either a batsignal or jailbreak type of picture.

I had to do a bloody one, its in my nature.

Probably my favorite of them all. Directly taken from Daft Punk's album Discovery. This is the t-shirt I'm most excited about.

No clue again. Suck it Albert.

This is an old ad for Dr. Raoulle's Medicated Tooth Power. It was briefly featured in Lobster Lobby.

This is the first time I used this tagline. I like it. Again, very 80's-90's but thats whats cool now. Right? Right!!

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