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After seeing the same stale wrestling product off and on for about 10 years now I reignited my longing for those guys in the professional wrestling business who just understood what it took to captivate a crowd.

It was hard to pick just a few as there have been dozens of guys who could inspire you to believe in the character he was selling you. There were some guys who pulled you into the story they were telling, they scared the shit out of you, or just simply made you laugh.

I decided to split this list up in 3 separate parts; the Good, the bad, and the confusing.

This particular list is to document my favorite guys who confused me. The guys who danced the line of being brilliant or just making loud noises. I will do my best to explain my position on some of these guys, but some defy explanation.

The first pick was the incomparable Macho Man Randy Savage. He was no doubt entertaining and incredibly talented in the ring. His matches with Ricky Steamboat are considered some of the best technical wrestling on the planet, but his promos were just all over the place. Macho Man became a top guy in the business for his brilliant mix of ring work, flamboyance, and insanity.

This promo was filmed during a time when Randy was self-admittedly on a cocaine regiment. This particular promo was especially insane but not too far off from his usual interview work.

What can be said about this promo? Obviously, this is an exaggeration of a low point in a legend's career but his real promos were not much different than what you saw up there.

The second one I picked for my half good/half crazy is the "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. I can hear the collective outrage from my pc at home but if you really listen to what he had to say during an interview not too much made sense. To his credit he used incredible sense of timing, impeccable inflection and a flowery vocabulary while behind the mic and he is one of the best BUT when he got riled up he was unintelligible. His voice and style was so unique but his train of thought was like a dying fish thrashing all over the place.

Hopefully I can make it up to the Dusty Rhodes fans with my best promo post next week. I love it when he makes up works that make zero sense. Why does my gaydar go off when I watch some Dusty Rhodes promos? Again, I'm sorry.

Now this guy falls into the same boat as Savage, "The Superfly" Jimmy Snuka. He was unrivaled in the ring and his character and finisher were household names but his mic skills were something to be desired. He was from the Fiji islands that have their own language, but his command of the finer eloquence of the English language was something to be desired. This promo was supposed to be passionate and heartfelt but it looked like a gorilla with a hemorrhoid it cant understand.

It was very rare where they had him do a promo that set the tone for the match he let his in ring character speak for himself. He had his wild stare, his brickhouse physique, and his crazy ass stare all a good enough package that he didn't need to work the mic as hard as others. 

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