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my life with the cat circus: Boulder? I Don't Even Know!!! (#6)

4:57:00 PMPaul

After going over well at the true swank Cell Theatre in Albuquerque, we headed to Colorado:

We are in Boulder now, and what I can say is that it seems to be a fully realized city, one that is exactly what it wants to be. It is very very clean, very organic, somewhat socially conscious and very very white. It seems to be a more affluent city and though I can't say I know when or why or by whom Boulder was founded, it seems firmly planted and the quality of life seems high. The crowds at the circus leave a little to be desired, as they need to be told when to applaud, unless of course the jokes are abysmal and the tricks unimpressive...

Here is some video documentation of the stay at the Nomad Theatre in Boulder, CO:

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