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Here are some more movies that hold some bit of significance for me. These movies are some that really tugged on my heart strings, and burned a permanent place in my memory.

I remember watching Edward Scissorhands with my parents as one of the first Pay Per View things we ever bought. For some reason I recall me watching it with them as a teenager and being embarrassed with the salty scenes with the cougar wife mounting Edward after the haircut. I was captivated with the movie with it's unique premise, but what makes it special for me is the way the movie dug at my emotions. The scene below where Edward can't hold his love, was so touching to me I fought tears of in front of my parents.

The Pursuit of Happyness was a cheese soaked based on a true story about the down on his luck - lose everything - have an unrealistic goal - work hard - overcome adversity - hit rock bottom - get a break - then succeed movie of that particular year. It was a 3rd choice renter one night for my and the wife. and the overall movie wasn't bad, just predictable. The "famous" bathroom scene however transported me into the moment thinking about what I would sacrifice to get success when I had kids. I determined that I would not take just a dumb risk when I had kids to worry about, but hitting rock bottom like that still made me feel awful for the main character.

Armageddon was just supposed to be just another big budget summer bloated exploitation of overindulgence. I still remember the cool red countdown song just stating "Armageddon" at the time they used to promote the movie. Although the movie was a predictable "over come impossible odds" movie, I always had a soft spot for the end of the world genre. Well Armageddon, turned out to be pretty bad ass. It was a unique idea, filled with sick action of great characters. If you don't swell up during this scene, you are a robot. If that's the case I want to thank you for visiting our site, and I hope you include Ian and I in your take over of this planet.

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