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I've been in a huge movie kick as of late, and wanted to touch upon some of the most remarkable scenes from some of my favorite films. Most of these are easy to remember, but have a somewhat personal meaning to me.

1. Jersey Girl

Yeah, I know not Kevin Smith's most celebrated movies, but this scene cut really cuts me to the bone. I think as a young father we all doubt our abilities to raise a child, and doing it alone must be terrifying. I remember these private talks with my own babies at one point on a late night with sleep depravity.

2. Transformers (1986) 

This was one of the first movies I ever saw in the theaters. Boy, did I get blindsided with the death of Optimus Prime. No one knew it was coming. Optimus Prime in the cartoons was untouchable, the auto-bots would fight and make a mess of things then Prime would come in say something wise, and take care of business. Main characters in cartoons just didn't die ... it was a rule. I was floored, and if I remember right there wasn't a dry eye in the place.

3. Powder

Someone told me that Powder was "the best one star movie out there". I have no clue why this movie remains in cult status. I do remember feeling so much empathy for poor Powder, and all the guy wanted was peace. I remember his speech as well about everyone being apart of all one energy, and his compassion for all living things, maybe planting an early seed for my interest in Buddhism?

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