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Oatmeal Creme Pies, FYC, and The First "Secret Diary of Ian and Paul"

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Seriously, whoever invented these things deserves a medal.

That being said, the induction of the Fine Young Cannibals into the CanaanXNX has gotten rave reviews from the CanaanXNX faithful.

"It's about time some good music made it in. I was tired of nobodies and has-beens getting all of the acclaim around here" noted one chaser. Another chaser said "Ian and Paul have no ear for musical genius--its been quite refreshing reading the thoughts of someone with some musical knowledge."

On to the meat of the CanaanXNX post for the day:

While trying to clean up a lot of the ramblings and incoherent hullabaloo that is the file system for the blog, I came across a collection of conversations between the two former "writers" involved with the blog. A lot of what I read made little-to-no sense whatsoever--mostly crude drawings (assumed to be Ian's handiwork) of Hello Kitty performing some unmentionable acts on a T-Rex...and that was the best of the bunch.

More importantly, the conversations they had about the content of the blog in which they have stated is stuff they like, but I have found out this is not entirely true.

Ian: Owls are gay.
Paul: Tell me about it. I hate having to pander to these mindless jerkoffs [canaan's note: im guessing Paul is talking about chuxchasers?] but they generate hits and we need to get paid, son!
Ian: One day, Pokemon blogging will be popularized and we won't have to deal with these people anymore.
Paul: Seriously. Hopefully, the Capitals will win in the postseason so I can finally wear my Ovechkin jersey in public. Some day, brother. someday.

These sophomoric and crudely-written conversations are pretty much par for the course. I went back and forth on posting this stuff because I didn't want the chuxchasers to think that I was just trying to cause a stir, but, ultimately, I felt it was important for you to realize that I have your best intentions at heart.

I'll have more for you tomorrow.

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