Canaanstruxnunchux's first inductee...

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Now that we've rid ourselves of the evilness that is paul's music, we will be inducting our first artist in the replacing of Andrew WK.

Without further ado, I present to you the new face of CXNX:
Fine Young Cannibals

This Epic supergroup ransacked the wallets of the world and put an emphatic boot mark on the face of
pop music with their first hit "She Drives Me Crazy." While other groups were dabbling in electronic and stupidity, 1989 became an incredible year for moistening your music butthole and letting tFYC have their collective way with you.

Americans were entranced with the powerful combination of "unreal" and "too much to handle." The single clipped the Billboard top 100 almost 22 years ago today.

Canaanstruxnunchux beat reporter Canaan interviewed strikingly handsome know-it-all Canaan on his take on tFYC:

Canaan: When was the first time you listened to tFYC?

Canaan: I remember it well because it was the day I lost my virginity. Once the bridge of "She Drives me Crazy" hit, It was akin to musical rohypnol. tFYC had ripped off my man panties and thrust itself inside for me to remember for the remainder of my days on this earth.

Canaan: yeah, i know what you mean. tFYC is the father of two of my children.

(I hope you guys aren't missing those Clemente twerps, because this is awesome journalism right here)

The Month of April is going to be a special month for me at CXNX. If you guys have any suggestions, let me know via twitter (@the88n). Starting on Monday, I will be having some "Darkside of CXNX" posts revealing a lot of stuff Paul and Ian didn't want you guys to read. I am going to be publishing a lot of the comments and conversations that they have saved--a lot of which are about the topics they posted and how they really feel about the topics they've "supposedly cherished") HINT: IAN ACTUALLY HATED RIP TAYLOR. FULL STORY COMING SOON

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