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BREAKING: Lobster Lobby Season 5 NEWS!

12:11:00 PMPaul

For Immediate Release:

Alright the cat is out of the bag now! Last month when preparing for Lobster Lobby Season 5, CXNX management put in a formal request to skip Lobster Lobby Season 4 and proceed to focus our efforts for Season 5.

Regrettably, our dutiful legal team at Bartucci, Bartucci, & Raoulle denied our request. We are legally obligated to create Season 4 in its entirety before we can even begin planning Season 5.

This has come as a massive blow to our staff. We invested most of our resources into creating Season 5 which we consider our best collective effort by an exponential margin.

The following statement was issued earlier today:

Bartucci &

Via Email –
Mr. Paul Clemente
Mr. Ryan Noble
Mr. Your Host
RE: “Lobster Lobby Season 4”

Dear Mr. Noble,

Please be advised that our firm represents and all of its intellectual properties. We have thoughtfully reviewed your request to surpass “Season 4” of the “Lobster Lobby” web-series and begin immediate production on “Season 5” of the “Lobster Lobby” web-series.

We cannot allow the production of “Season 5” until the completion of “Season 4”. This would violate Lobster Law Sec: B Line: 7982-3 that carries a minimum sentence of 3 years’ incarceration and a probationary period.

The web-series “Lobster Lobby Season 4” will have to produce no less than 4 fully completed episodes and no more than 100 fully completed episodes before you can be permitted to begin production, filming, or any other pertinent work on “Lobster Lobby Season 5” web-series.

We must advise you to take this assessment seriously. As your legal counsel, we cannot provide support to anyone employed by if this law is intentionally violated. We must also insist that you do not reply to this correspondence with a response of a hand-written “please” in an envelope containing glitter, confetti, or hair (human or otherwise). We cannot negotiate on this issue.

As such we request, digital proof of a fully completed “Season 4” as to avoid any and all litigation against concerning this matter.

Very truly yours,

Dr. Raoulle

We are still processing this news and will explore every option at our disposal to put Lobster Lobby Season 5 into the hands of the Chux Chaser where it belongs.

Ryan Noble commented earlier today, '"I think it is stupid. I mean, prequels are filmed all the time. I don't understand how some people are contractually allowed film a conclusion followed by a build up to later on and yet here we are making lobster lobby season 4 even though it is clearly really bad."

Paul Clemente also added, "We are going to fight this. I don't know how but we are going to fight this."

Bronson Abbott from the CXNX JMST offices was quoted shortly after the announcement "I think the courts know best and that we should be happy they are even allowing season 5 to take place, which very well might cause the downfall of the who judicial system."

Brandon Abbott, who was in production of Season 5 weaponry, made the statement, "I think it constitutes casus belli, and they are treading a thin line."

Your Host was contacted via phone and was dictated as saying, "I respect the ruling but cannot be involved due to prior engagements.I don't feel lob lob 4 was the right project for me at the time"

We will keep you updated on any further developments and we appreciate your understanding during this tumultuous time.

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