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Top 50 Ranked Trailer Park Boys Characters

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I have a strange bond with the boys from Sunnyvale and I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's my love for the improved lines, maybe its the absurd characters, maybe it's the fact that I watched the entire series while trudging through my divorce. These dumb addicts have become such a part of what I enjoy on TV (Netflix), the blanket of constantly evolving hyphenated swears, the rudimentary catch phrases, and the growing characters all housed in this decrepit trailer park bring me an odd happiness that I rarely can glean from other shows.

There have been dozens and dozens of exaggerated characters in the Sunnyvale-verse and I'm going to rank them all from most hated to most beloved.

50. Conky - I hate Conky. The sentiment is shared with me by Ricky and Julian. What started as a coping mechanism for Bubbles to say what he really meant turned into a really low grab at one-line humor for the show. He was unearthed to convince Bubbles to take care of his infected tooth. He was shot in the face at Sam Losco's vet office and buried in the swamp. I wish he was left there but he made another return later in the show to help Bubbles cope with the Swayze Xpress heist. Conky then dimed out the boys to the police after the heist was completed which made Bubbles drown him, hopefully, for good.

49.Candy (Season 10) - Candy was Barb (and Donna's?) girlfriend in prison. She came back with the gang when coming out of jail who Sarah said "was fingerblasted" for extras while locked up. Candy did nothing but carry around a bat, make threats, and backup Barb's plan to take over Sunnyvale. Her atrocities don't end there, she choked out Randy, took over Lahey's trailer, and violated Randy with a mackerel. When Ricky was shot in season 10 she abandoned Barb when shit got too heavy. 

48. Private Leslie Dancer - Leslie was Lahey's muscle in Season 9 when they turned Sunnyvale into a retirement community. He hard-lined everyone who entered the park and had a strict no liquor policy. Foiling Ricky at every turn by keeping him out of the park, the boys cooked up a scheme to get Leslie back on the liquor to hopefully drive him out of Sunnyvale. It backfired when Randy beat him up and he took a tank to the trailer park and got arrested.

47. Don/Donna - Don came to the Trailer Park as an applicant for the "weekend assistant trailer park supervisor" position Randy once filled. Don charmed Randy into the job even making Lahey jealous of their new relationship. Don moonlighted as Donna who was also involved with Randy. Randy, not getting that they were the same person, was confused and reevaluated his sexuality. Once the "Magic Fingers" spa opened Donna turned on Randy treating him terribly and formed a lady's club with Barb and Sarah. Once going to prison for giving "happy endings" at the spa, Donna fully turned against Randy and the boys uniting with Barb and Candy to take over the park.

46. Mr. Steinberg - He's the greazy lawyer Julian goes to for his contracts. He did scheme with Julian to obtain the Motel from Tommy Bean but then milked them out of thousands of dollars to help the boys fight Barb from taking over the park. During the trail to finally get full control over Sunnyvale, Steinberg was arrested for trying to bride the judge.

45. Tommy Bean -  Tommy Bean was Julian's hook up for the slot machines to help convince Lahey to sell his minority control of the park. He also scammed and robbed Julian when trying to deal with him at the Motel. His main weapon is a slingshot which he is not afraid to use when threatened.

44. Cyrus - Cyrus has been the ultimate antagonist throught the series. He challenged Julian to his trailer in the very first episode backing down when challenged. Cyrus is involved with Terry and Dennis selling has out of their grandmother's house. Once beaten up by Randy (pants off), Cyrus talks a good game but never backs it up. He once dated Lucy until he failed his grade 10 test. Cyrus has been scarce in the later seasons. Maybe he finally got to his work he has to do?

43. Steve Rogers - Steve Rogers works for Channel 10 news and has featured Cory and Trevor's Convenints Store, Bubble Kitty Land, and Ricky's garbage world on a local broadcast highlighting local businesses. He also came to Julian to utilize his bar for his stag party. After boozing hard, and using Bubble's newly designed shed and breakfast huts as a whote house, Steve Rogers was caught by his fiance. He begged Julian to reverse the charges and lie to his lady. It was then discovered that he infested the Shed and Breakfast and Bubble's kitties with crabs. The crab infestation led Bubbles down a path to jail, and Ricky robbing a pharmacy.

42. Lucy - Lucy is and always has been terrible. She has dated Cyrus, George Greene, Randy, Ricky, almost banged Tom Arnold and has always loved Julian. She uses Ricky incessantly for material possessions, she gets involved with all the schemes in the park and does none of the work. Occasionally she shares a sweet moment with Ricky but bails on him as soon as it doesn't suit her needs. She is a terrible parent to Trinity and leeched money and a place to live from Sarah. Lucy is a parasite and my least favorite main character.

41. Barb Lahey - Barb Lahey, the long-time owner of Sunnyvale, was once the sympathetic and level-headed character. In Season 10 she was a hardened prison lesbian who bullied her way around Sunnyvale hoping to gain control over the park again. She has broken her ex-husband's heart numerous times. She has been involved with Sam, Jim, Randy, Don/Donna, Candy, Ricky, and even tried to court Julian at one point. Was she just pushed too far or was she a woman after her own interests?

40. Det. Ted Johnson - Ted is George Greene's partner and supposedly the smarter of the two. Ted is now probably the only officer that visits Sunnyvale anymore. Ted frequently arrests the boys and rarely falls for Ricky's gift of deceiving policemen. He was opposed to Lahey being reinstated on the police force and harassed him often. Recently, he may be in a relationship with Randy. He's sometimes unfair and abuses the legal system to make life difficult for the boys, he bullies Randy, and tried to murder Phil Collins, Randy, and Lahey with a "crazy indoor liquor and cheeseburger party" ruse.

39. Bernie Sandford - Bernie Sanford of the I.A.T.P.T.P.S.A.T.P.S. (International Association of Trailer Parks, Trailer Park Supervisors and Assistant Trailer Park Supervisors) visited Sunnyvale to give Lahey the award for the Trailer Park Supervisor of the Year. The only problem was that Lahey wasn't the supervisor, Ricky was. Bernie was a hard-ass standing up to Ricky and the boys. He threatened to fight any of them that disrespected him. He officiated the wrestling match to determine control of the trailer park. He DQ'd Ricky and the Green Bastard after missing a foreign object used by Randy. Bernie was all bark and no bite as he let Ricky piss on his car, and then destroy it.

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38. Alien Trevors - Their names are unknown, but they joined the boys for the Swayze Xpress heist. Jacob, transforming into Julian, found his own crew of dudes from the Community College who were actually more stupid than Corey and Trevor. After almost dying in the woods after submerging Julian's car in the lake they helped lay the train tracks down to make the Swayze Xpress heist a success.

37. Sam Losco - Sam went from friend to foe rather quickly as he helped the boy dislodge a bullet from Ricky. He lost his vet practice shortly after that and became a menace to Sunnyvale and the boys cruising around in his camper. He ran for Trailer Park Supervisor but lost after he was given mushrooms before his speech. He was engaged to be married to Barb is his plot to take over the park but was foiled when tricked to act in one of J-Roc's pornos. He even joined forces with Cyrus due to his mutual enemy being the boys but was arrested. He lived in an actual cave until his mother's inheritance afforded him a denture business. Bubbles nearly killed him with a toothbrush but Sam seems to have turned another cheek.

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36. Mitch "MC Flurry" - J-Roc's son who is/was an aspiring rapper. Never really respecting his dad, Mitch, is just around for shock value really.  Season 10 did reveal that all he wants to do is study and not be forced to rap, but his presence on the show is really one-dimensional and hasn't grown passed the rebellious youth who refuses to understand his father.

35. Officer George Green - Officer George Green was one of the first (and sometimes only) police force to intervene in Sunnyvale. He was often tricked by Ricky being called "the dumbest cop alive". He took Lucy, Trinity, and Baby Mo into his home and provided for them since Ricky couldn't. He took perverse pleasure into being able to bang Lucy and holding it over Ricky. He lost his temper and his job and now works at the mall that Bubbles steals carts from.

34. Bottle Kids! - The bottle kids have been a staple of Sunnyvale for over a decade. No one know who they are or why they attack. It's assumed that Trinity may have been a part of the gang at once point and their services can be bought. They have no allegiance, no plan, and no respect for what's going on in the park.

33. Ray - Ricky's dad was around early in the season guiding Ricky through adult-hood. Ray who was considered one of the richer people in the park since he was scamming disability. Under the guise of being kind, he has scammed the entire crew and has stolen food. money, and has gambled the boys money away. He was arrested for prostitution in Maine and left Bubbles stranded in a phone booth for 12 hours in the US. Ray has never done anything for anyone except tell Ricky Santa isn't real.

32. Doug Benson - Why was Doug Benson on this show. He smoked week and complained about not having food. He then stole J-Roc's wife because she was infatuated with famous people. He was pretty neutral and it seemed like he was a real throw-away character.

31. Tom Arnold - Tom's character was a Sunnyvale super-fan who wanted to experience all the things that the boys did on the show. He was more integral than Benson on the show. Financing most of the boy's schemes by wanting the "real Sunnyvale" experience he rode in the Shit-Mobile, hoisted carts with Bubbles, partied with Lahey, and tried to bang Lucy. He gifted Lucy and Trinity $10,000 for her wedding to Jacob and ended up not banging Lucy because he was married.

30. Sebastian Bach - Sebastian was always good to the boys and he was the go-to contact for selling massive amounts of weed, hash, and honey oil. He developed a bond for Bubbles after Bubbles stood up for him at a train convention. Bach has always been a reliable resource for the boys and a loyal supporter.

29. Tom Collins - Tom is Jacob's older brother and son to Philadelphia Collins. He is considered the normal branch of the Collin's family while trying to pry his brother from the toxic relationship with Julian and Ricky. He encouraged his father's dream of launching the Dirty Burger with Randy and even stood up to Ricky when Jacob was confronted. He brought the Collins family together and went off to live his normal life.

28. Terry and Dennis - Terry and Dennis are not terrible guys even though they have worked with Cyrus and tried to kill them. When fronting Ricky drugs to get back on his feet, all they wanted was to hang out with the boys. Ricky and Julian lost it when they found out they were in cahoots with Cyrus. Julian, Corey, and Trevor came back to the house and robbed them at gunpoint and were only outed by a trailing Bubble who went to stop the robbery. They got robbed, got their car stolen, and put in jail all because of Julian.

27. Linda - Linda is J-Roc's mom. Linda. although a small character, helped J-Roc get back on his feet after he was caught stealing tracks from other rapper's albums to use for his own. She convinced him to return to the rap game and even got Detroit Velvet Smooth to talk to him. Linda admitted to banging a black guy in college to make J-Roc feel more comfortable with his heritage. Afterwards, she let the boys have a rap concert on her front deck while she went to Moncton.

26. Marsha- J-Roc's wife from Mexico. She served taquitos for the entire 10th season and ran away with Doug Benson. She tried as best as she could with bonding to MC Flurry but he rejected her. She only knew English through television catchphrases and was there for a tired one-liner. She was constantly cooking for her family until J-Roc left her to chat up Snoop Dogg.

25. Marguerite - Rumored to be one of the longest tenured Sunnyvale residents, Marguerite came into prominence when Sunnyvale was turned into a retirement community and her cantankerous attitude stressed out Bubbles who ran the cafe at the time. It was then revealed that all she wanted to do was get high and drink as she pined for the old Sunnyvale to be back. She was most recently emp;oyed by Julian to deal cards in his trailer casino. She has always been on her own side and that side usually aligns with the boys.

24. Baby Motel - Born in a barn and anointed with liquor, Baby Motel is right in the middle. Uncorrupted by Sunnyvale, but has Jacob as a father. Good luck.

23. Officer Erica Miller - She started out being the responding officer to the local stolen barbecue ring, and accidentally met Ricky post-maced outside of her kid's school  After asking the boys about the stolen grills she took a liking to Julian and began to see him privately. She tried to accept Julian for who we was but Julian could not turn his back on his friends or give up the criminal life-style. Post-break up she found Julian eating a dumpster burger and dancing with an old dog. She felt sorry for him and wanted him to get his life back together.

22. Shitty Bill - Shitty Bill was Bubble's friend. He worked at the dump and dealt in recyclables mostly. If they needed a bllind eye turned to a greasy scheme involving stolen scrap, carts, or even tractor trailers, Shitty was their man. Shitty financed some early schemes by taking in copper piping from trailers, old junk, and gives Bubbles cash for unsaleable carts.

21. Steve French - Steve French was the cougar Bubbles found in Ricky's weed field. Bubbles affinity for cats made him think he could control the wild beast with weed and kitty food. Once stoned, Steve French stayed with Bubbles for a few days only wandering out to rape Trevor (due to his animal print jacket). Steve French routinely escaped causing Lahey to almost jeopardize the boys entire field of weed. They had to let him go back to the wild after a sad protest from Bubbles.

20. Candy - Candy was Julian's first on-screen girlfriend. She was nice to him, accepted his seedy lifestyle, and genuinely enjoyed being a part of his life. Just like most things, their relationship was ruined by Julian going to jail during Ricky's failed wedding. I feel Candy would have been good for Julian if he didn't throw it away.

19. Trevor - The full-time fall-man of the group attached to Corey's hip, Trevor has lived his whole life for Ricky and Julian's approval. Being always involved with the riskiest part of all the boy's schemes, Trevor has been shot, beat up, poisoned, raped (by a cougar), and has suffered countless criminal charges as a result of the boys sacrificing him to the police. A few years ago he was given psychiatric help along with Corey and realized that they don't need Ricky and Julian's approval. With the new found confidence Corey and Trevor went to a Backstreet Boys concert on the way back to Sunnyvale. Trevor and Corey were separated in the crowd and Trevor was never seen again.

18. Willy Goat - Ricky found Willy while living in a barn after being kicked out of Sunnyvale by Leslie Dancer. Willy helped Ricky keep it together as Trinity was 9 months pregnant, Lucy was with George Green, and he was separated from his friends.

17. Trinity - Trinity, the daughter of Ricky and Lucy, has grown up on the show over 10 seasons. She started as a bad kid who smoked, threw bottles, stole bikes, and swore. Ricky's compassionate side always brightened when Trinity was around. She hooked up with Jacob and had Baby Mo. Trinity has always been nice to her dad, and looked at him with humorous pity. You have to question her decision with Jacob but the Sunnyvale bachelor situation is less than ideal.

16. Roc-Pile - J-Roc's crew the Roc Pile has always been a loyal support system for all of the boy's schemes. They assist when extra muscle is needed no questions asked. They have been involved with stealing, prostitution, drugs, and bootlegging. The Roc-Pile is incredibly resourceful and can be an asset to the boys at anytime.

15. Detroit Velvet Smooth -  DVS started as someone who wanted to murder J-Roc for using his tracks on his rap album but once he met J-Roc and got to know him, DVS became J-Roc's manager. DVS became a member of the Roc-Pile and orchestrated J-Roc's arrest to build his street cred for his album. He launched J-Roc's career and produced his CD "Trailer Park Life". The latest whereabouts of DVS is unknown but he is responsible for J-Roc's initial success.

14. Corey - The ever-loyal Corey has been helping the boys with schemes for over a decade. Corey, much like Trevor, had been exposed to criminal charges, shootings, poisonings, and jail time. He was once dubbed "the smarter of the two" by Julian when dividing up him and Trevor with schemes. Recently Corey has come through with his jobs and his success rate seems to have gone up as time moved on. Losing his new bet friend Jacob to fatherhood poor Corey wanders the park without a purpose.

13. Sarah - Sarah is Lucy's best friend, ex-girlfriend to Ricky, Corey and Trevor. She is the one lady who seems to have it all together. She has lent her home to that leech Lucy, and had taken Cory and Trevor under her care for awhile. She is the only one that seems to have any influence over the boys and has a business acumen that rivals Julian's. Sarah got involved with the Barb and Donna while running Magic Fingers Salon but learned quickly from her stint in jail that they were trouble. She's compassionate, smart, and confident and might be the only positive lady figure on the whole show.

12. Danny/Donny - Danny, but later referred to as Donnie is a resident of Sunnyvale that is not afraid of loudly screaming in protest to the boy's disruptions. Donnie doesn't like noise, sketchy satellite reception, or guys trying to give him hand-jobs. Donnie has never been shown on camera but is always hilarious. .

11. Jacob Collins - Jacob started his life outside of Sunnyvale but it was systematically ruined by Ricky who robbed and stole from every place he worked at. After not being able to find a job he moved to the Trailer Park with his Philadelphia. He left to join the military but was dishonorably discharged after helping Julian steal piss from the soldiers. Jacob then started to emulate Julian and work for the boys. He was the lead goon on the Swayze Xpress heist leading his own team of the Alien Trevors. Jacob was poisoned by eating salamanders in the wild, and ended up being a part of the boy's crew and falling in love with Trinity. It took awhile but he was accepted by Ricky as part of the family and works insane hours to support Trinity, Mo, and that parasite Lucy.

10. Snoop Dogg - Snoop came to Sunnyvale for Ricky's "all the weed you can fucking smoke" promotion when Julian turned Sunnyvale into a resort. Snoop helped the boys and even fronted Julian $10,000 to buy the park from Barb. He helped Bubbles during his open mic and taught the boys the meaning of loyalty and friendship. A constant good influence to the gang Snoop helped everyone immeasurably while going through the hostile take-over by Barb and crew.

9. Tyrone - "T" has been a loyal friend to J-Roc from the beginning being a hype man, DJ, and producer for this album. After J-Roc went to "jail" the ever- resourceful T has been involved with dozens of scams from stealing groceries, luggage, being involved with J-Roc's porn, being co-baby daddies with J-Roc and even being the assistant manager to the Dirty Dancer. Tyrone has always been smart and stays out of direct trouble that usually comes with working for the boys. The usually reasonable, business savvy, and helpful Tyrone has somehow been one of the few who have stayed out of jail during his entire stay at Sunnyvale.

8. Julian - The leader of the crew and patriarch of Sunnyvale, Julian has done equally good and bad things for the group. Always putting himself first, and his friends second Julian has masterminded money making schemes that have landed the crew in jail more than once. Julian is always the one to set schemes in motion whether its a garage, casino, gym, nightclub Julian's first love is money. After Season 10, Julian knowingly scammed everything he could from everyone and then when things didn't work out he left the park in a cliffhanger. He stole from his friends and screwed over Ricky on the cruise for his girlfriend's ticket. Julian might be one of the main characters but his motives are always greasy.

7. Philadelphia Collins - Much like his son, Jacob, his life was ruined by the boys. He once ran a Motel but was fired for the crew stealing all the furniture from the rooms. He also became a cab driver but was ditched several times by the boys without paying. Phil moved in with Jacob to Sunnyvale with a lack of anywhere else to go. He conceptualized the Dirty Burger with Randy until he fired him for smoking too much. He was involved in the Lahey murder plot when trying to stop the phone book assault on Jim. Phil always does his best and has good intentions. His love for cheeseburgers rivals Randy's and he loves his son Jacob. Phil's time came too soon when he passed away a few years go. You beautiful mustard tiger.

6. Treena Lahey - The daughter of Jim and Barb Lahey, came to live temporarily for the summer in Sunnyvale under the care of her father. Being a daughter to a neglectful drunk, Treena explored the park on her bike befriending Ricky. She felt bad for Ricky and was eager to fetch him pepperoni and chips from the store. After over hearing Ricky complain about his torn shirt, she pawned her bike to Corey and Trevor to buy him a new shirt. Julian drove her away due to his greasy drug scheme, Treena was such a kind and positive character.

5. Randy - Ex-Prostitute Randy "Smokey" BoBandy, has held many jobs at Sunnyvale but usually side-by-side with his sporadic love Jim Lahey. Randy has been through heartbreak, homelessness, drug addiction, and even sexual assault during the series. His love for Lahey never waivers but Jim's alcoholism becomes too much to handle. Always involved in one way managing the park, Randy always seems to be at the wrong end of a moral dilemma. He's the one man who stands up for what he believes in by fighting Cyrus, Ricky, Leslie Dancer, and Candy at one time. He puts the feelings of other's above himself often, and had the guts to out himself and Lahey in front of the boys. He's a character you can start to root for until he falls back into the arms of poor choices led by his heart.

4. Ricky - Ricky has evolved from the brutish violent addict in the first season to the brutish violent addict for the sake of his family. Ricky is a lovable idiot who tries to solve his twisted sense of injustice with reactionary reflexes. His lack of inhibition has been used as an advantage in most of the boys schemes but under that caustic shell is a human who wants to do right by his friends and family. Ricky is constantly struggling that his brain cannot keep up with the demands of life in Sunnyvale. The love of his life, Lucy, takes advantage of him regularly and his enemies are as passionate as they are alot of them. Ricky is sometimes seen as the failure of the group but most often his plans would have succeeded without the influence of Julian.

3. J-ROC - J-ROC is the boys' best and most reliable resource. Knowing enough not to work directly with Julian most times, J-Roc built himself a living of stealing groceries, luggage, and bootlegging Roc Vodka. J-Roc has always helped make pivotal things happen. J-Roc has also struggled with being a new father to MC Flurry and dealing with that dynamic as responsibly as he can. He's the one they call when they need to draw a crowd, blackmail someone, or run and event he is your man. He just worthless in a gun fight.

2. Jim Lahey - Once seen as the primary antagonist in the show the character evolves into a sympathetic man driven to drink and fueled by addiction to right all the wrongs in his life. Having a respectable job with the local PD, it was ruined by a Halloween prank and cost him his badge. He could never forgive the boys for ruining his career. His marriage fell apart, his job sucks, and alcohol runs his life. Lahey has made several attempts not to care about the stressors in his life but they always seem to haunt him. Now-a-days Lahey just wants to be drunk by himself far away from Sunnyvale but we all know its only temporary.

1. Bubbles - Bubbles is the straw that stirs the drink in Sunnyvale. A selfless kitty loving loyal friend who will sacrifice anything for the people he cares about. Bubbles is the smartest guy in the park, knowing how to build and operate most machinery but he stays humble and honorable no matter what is asked of him. Bubbles values friendship and kindness over everything else by often putting his cats welfare before his own or getting involved with a scheme that he knows will land him in jail.

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