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BREAKING: HUGE Woods Madness 4 News

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After a lengthy legal dispute, the attorneys at Bartucci, Bartucci & Raoulle have battled in Federal Court to allow production to continue on the Construxnunchux ™ project "Woods Madness 4 ™".
The dispute stemmed from the October 2014 incident in which Paul Clemente ™ and Ian Clemente ™ filmed the project in the Western New York area in the span of two days. The highly controversial project inspired several stoppages in filming for weather and food during primary shooting.

"I was confident justice would prevail and we could get the Clemente Borthers ™ ... I mean, er, Clemente Brothers ™ back to doing what God intended them do to" said Wilson Bartucci (55) the head defense attorney for Construxnunchux ™.

The 100+ hours of previously detained footage has been released back into the possession of Paul & Ian Clemente ™ after 16 months. This is the fourth time footage from the comedic trio has been embroiled in legal limbo in some have called their process "irresponsible" and "unnecessary".

Paul Clemente ™, co-founder, and co-star of Woods Madness 4 ™, appeared outside the courtroom looking hungry and said, "Yeah! What? No, it's great ... Woods!, yeah, right?! [Wilson] has ..."

When asked for comment from the Canadian branch of Construxnunchux™, Ryan Noble (32) released the following statement,"You mean we aren't going to keep not using it?" Translation services were unavailable at time of publication.

Look for updates in the following months on the progress of "Woods Madness 4"™ project.  The film will star Ian Clemente™, Paul Clemente™, and Ryan Noble™ which is now targeted for a 2016 release.

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