2015 DZK

construxnunchux Summer Jamz #8 - Red Giants (@DZK / F.a.T) - VA Tech Aftermath (Still Ballin)

9:13:00 AMRyan Noble

This song was done in response to the VA Tech shooting that took place on April 16th, 2007. The shooter; Seung-Hui Cho who committed this brutal crime did so because he had a problem with "rich kids" as found in a note by police in his room. This track seems just to be rubbing in the fact that despite many lost lives, he did not change rich peoples lifestyles at all. (I guess it could be considered a 'dis track' or as the kids call it on the internet, 'trolling'.) Be sure to burn a blunt rolled in a $100 dollar bill while listening to this track as a "F-You" to this d-bag.

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