#CATNAP: WE ARE NOT JOKING! (800th post)

10:00:00 AMRyan Noble

These are not drills. These are stats we have obtained from TCAFABT (The Cat Alliance For A Better Tomorrow) To not take these seriously is a kick in the kitten chin of all those who have worked hard to make life better for cats. Would you kick a cat in the chin? If the answer is yes, you are probably a monster. We all need to help out with this menace that is growing in our (and my) country. Be a part of the solution, not an enemy! These furry critters and us are to share this planet, lets work together and not against one another!

*Crusade for Action Towards Normalized Addiction Prevention (Also known as CATNAP) is a new movement we have started with hopes to put an end to the growing menace for cats of all size, religious belief and colour. We will be sharing pictures with statistics of the growing concern that is known as Cat Nip...*

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