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The Curious Case of Tyler Kennedy by @evil_shero

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I will not apologize for my disdain for Tyler Kennedy. I can honestly say that I have never been a fan of his since his horrid inception of 2007, to his first line roll in 2011, or his most catastrophic 2013 season. In fact, I hope by the time I post this piece, he's traded to the deepest darkest realms of Mutant League Hockey where he spends the rest of his wretched career on the Mighty Weenies worrying about 2 minute booger flinging penalties.

Didn't even care enough to make this look decent.
There are very few Tyler Kennedy apologists. I only know of one and he's an incredible human being but I guess everyone has their flaws.

Tyler Kennedy has been used for the Penguins third line for most of his career, he belongs in a dumpster but for whatever reason, that's where he's found a parasitic home.

This season there are his statistics:

Those are the frightening offensive numbers he has produced for a professional hockey team this year.

That's with an average of 11:45 of ice time this season so far.

I think it would be fair to compare his performance to other players with similar ice time.

So out of people who have played as many games as him (22) with similar ice time (12:18 -11:31)

(all stats accurate of 03/04/13)

Ruslan Fedotenko: 6pts
Vernon Fiddler : 5pts
Bryan Bickle: 10 pts
Tyler Kennedy: 4pts
Michael Frolik: 3pts
Matt Martin: 1pt

In 21 games:

Travis Moen: 4pts

In 20 games:

Jim O'Brien: 5pts
Matt Belesky: 6pts

His point total is below the average player with similar ice time you can only do so much with the ice that you earn, right?

 Most of all of those player listed above enjoy roles other than scoring on their respective teams. Most players listed above are penalty killers, defensive specialists, or tenacious grinders. Their roles very rarely afford them the opportunity to score but they contribute in other ways to help their team.I mean, you can't have everyone out there wanting to score goals, you have to be a contributing piece of the puzzle and fit into whatever role the coach sees you in.

This is where the Tyler Kennedy story becomes stranger ...

  1. Tyler Kennedy does not kill penalties. 
  2. Tyler Kennedy is 9 of 23 on the team with 25 hits in 22 games.
  3. Tyler Kennedy is 19 of 23 on the team with only 3 blocked shots.
  4. Tyler Kennedy does not take face offs hes taken 7 and lost 4.
  5. Tyler Kennedy does not have ANY Power-play goals despite being on the 2nd PP unit
One of my favorite tweets from Trib writer Dejan Kovecevic.

Ok. So he can't kill penalties, he doesn't hit much, he's not a power-play specialist, and he doesn't take face-offs. What's left? Can he fight?

Feb 26, 20083pd 17:03PIT@NYIMike Comrie
Voted winner: Tyler Kennedy (91.6%) - Voted rating: 6.5
May 11, 20081pd 03:49@ PITPHIScottie Upshall
Voted winner: Tyler Kennedy (84.4%) - Voted rating: 7.4
Jan 31, 20092pd 09:36PIT@ TORLuke Schenn
Voted winner: Luke Schenn (61.7%) - Voted rating: 4.0
Mar 28, 20091pd 03:49@ PITNYRSean Avery
Voted winner: Tyler Kennedy (56.4%) - Voted rating: 2.5
Feb 10, 20101pd 09:37@ PITNYIMatt Martin
Voted winner: Matt Martin (77.5%) - Voted rating: 5.2
Nov 03, 20101pd 19:43PIT@ DALJamie Benn
Voted winner: Tyler Kennedy (53.1%) - Voted rating: 5.0
Nov 29, 20102pd 13:19PIT@ NYRSean Avery
Voted winner: Sean Avery (54.8%) - Voted rating: 4.5
Jan 25, 20111pd 00:26@ PITNYITravis Hamonic
Voted winner: Tyler Kennedy (85.3%) - Voted rating: 5.7
Nov 29, 20111pd 02:21PIT@ NYRSean Avery
Voted winner: Sean Avery (45.5%) - Voted rating: 3.8
Dec 08, 20112pd 18:42PIT@ PHIHarry Zolnierczyk
Voted winner: Tyler Kennedy (91.0%) - Voted rating: 5.0
Jan 22, 20122pd 16:58@ PITWASTroy Brouwer
Other Penalties: Matt Hendricks received a tripping.
Voted winner: Troy Brouwer (66.3%) - Voted rating: 5.3

As much as it pains me to say it, a 5-5 fight record is not horrid, but it's clearly not his specialty. (i did not count pre-season fights)

So most other facets of the game have been covered and it's very clear that the expectations for Tyler Kennedy is to score. For whatever reason, that's the role he was given. Shoot. Score. That. Is. Your. Fucking. Job.

He is 5th on the team with 49 shots! He missed 9.

But ...

He is DEAD LAST in shooting % from anyone who scored a goal, with a 4.1%.

(as of this post it is now 3.8%)

That's good for 451st in the NHL!

So let's summarize.

Tyler Kennedy ...

Does not score. (2 goals in 22 games)
Does not hit the net. (4.1%)
Does not kill penalties.
Does not block shots.(3)
Hits occasionally (25)
Fights average (5-5)
Does not score on the Powerplay (0)

What does Tyler Kennedy do here?

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