2012 jamz

Ryan's 2012 Jamz (Top 10)

8:50:00 AMRyan Noble

This is not to be mistaken with Paul's AMAZING top 100 songs of 2012. That is Paul's baby and I contributed in no way to his excellent and massive selection of music.

However, believe it or not there was some music that came out this year that I also enjoyed. Instead of doing a top 100, I decided I would do a top 10. It was tough enough not selecting songs that Paul used in his list as it was. So here it is. My top 10 songs of 2012.

Please check out Pauls TOP 100 of 2012 LIST!

What were your favourite songs of the year? Please share with us in the comments, our Facebook or on twitter.

Corrosion of Conformity – Psychic Vampire

DZK – Kill Everyone

Serj Tankian – Figure it Out

Muse – Panic Station

Devin Townsend - Grace 

Down - Misfortune Teller

Soundgarden -  Been away too Long

Biohazard - Waste Away

Leonard Cohen - Different Sides

The Dirty Heads – Dance all Night (ft Matisyahu)

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