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Construx Indux 2012: Owen Hart

7:42:00 AMRyan Noble

In the 2012 Construx Nunchux Hall of Fame, we are excited and proud to induct Owen Hart. The Rocket, The Blue Blazer, The King of Harts and The Black Hart are just a few of the reasons we collectively decided he was  a great fit for this years HOF. However, these were just some of the things that we considered when choosing Owen to be inducted. Owen was also a loving husband, a proud father and an all around amazing human.

This is in no way Owens first appearance on Construx Nunchux. He has been on here before making the top 10 list of both Ian and Ryans Top 10 Favorite Wrestlers lists, making the top 3 spot on both lists.

Owen Hart was born on May 7, 1965 in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Owen was the youngest child of the Legendary Hart family (12 children). Like the rest of his brothers, Owen was trained at an early age how to wrestle from his father Stu Hart who was known for training many great wrestlers in their basement that was popularly known as "The Dungeon" Though Owen showed potential at an early age, his dream was to one day become a gym teacher. Though, with the motivation from his family and love for wrestling he decided that that was going to be his path. (Thank god) Before he started his professional wrestling career in 1986, Owen was an amateur wresting champion in collage. After that he decided he would begin his professional wrestling career in his fathers promotion "Stampede Wrestling Tour." With Stampede Wrestling, which was run out of Owens hometown of Calgary, Owen got the chance to learn his trade around the world threw Japan, Europe, Mexico and of course Canada.

After Wrestling for Stampede Wrestling, Owen got the chance to join the World Wrestling Federation in 1988. He did not wrestle under his real name though, but instead he had a masked persona and wrestled under the name of "The Blue Blazer". In a time where there was no internet, the WWF still had trouble hiding the fact that it was Owen under the mask. Because of this, the character did not last very long and in 1989 he left the WWF.

After fighting in a Japanese wrestling promotion, Owen returned to the WWF in 1991. This time, Owen did not wrestle under the Blue Blazers mask, but instead he wrestled under his real name. Owen was then put in the Tag Team division where he would be paired up with his brother in law, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. (Who was once tag team partners with Owens older brother, Bret Hart) This team was knows as "The New Hart Foundation". This team did not last long before Owen was reassigned with a new tag team partner, Koko. B. Ware and they were known as "High Energy"

In 1993, Owen stepped out of the Tag Team division and became a singles wrestler. This happened after a match for the Tag Team Titles where he teamed with his brother Bret Hart. The team lost their match and after, Owen turned on his brother which started a huge feud with Bret that truly allowed Owen to become the character that he was. Though, in real life Owen was a funny prankster, his character at this time was cold, evil and very bitter towards his brother Bret. Their rivalry reached its climax at Wrestlemania X, where Owen defeated his brother in the events opening match, which some would argue was one of the best matches of either wrestlers career.

After this, Owen was thrown back into the Tag Team Division where he held the Tag Team titles with the massive Yokozuna and another brother in law The British Bulldog. Towards the end of Owen and Bulldogs run, right before they broke up Bret Hart fixed his relationship with his brother and had the team join Bret, his former partner "The Anvil" and Brian Pillman to form The New Hart Foundation. An Anti-American group that was hated in America, but loved in their home Country of Canada. In 1997, Bret "parted ways" with the WWF, which forced Owen once again to find his place within the organization. At this point, once again Owen was thrown around in the WWF while trying to find his place. Owen was not happy, especially after the situation with Brets departure from the WWF. Owen was then put in the Nation of Domination, before teaming up with Jeff Jarrett, and then again he was the Blue Blazer.

On May 23, 1999. Owen as the Blue Blazer was scheduled at a Pay Per View to face "The Godfather" in a match for the Intercontinental Title. There was a stunt planned where Owen was was gonna be harnessed down from the rafters in his entrance. While Owen was being lowered, there were problems with the harness and Owen fell from over 50 feet in the air, and landed on a turnbuckle. Luckily for the viewers at home, they were playing a previously recorded promo of Owen when the accident happened, but was seen by the sold out crowd in attendance.  Owen was pronounced dead when he arrived at the hospital.

The next night, on RAW they did a tribute for Owen giving people the chance to talk about him. It was clear that Owen had a lot of close personal friends within the organization, and his loss was sad not only for family and friends, but his co-workers.

Owen was amazing as a wrestler. His abilities were so unique and unlike any other at this point in the WWF. His characters were all unique, and his mic skills were beyond impressive. When Ryan was younger, he got the chance to meet Owen Hart before a live event that was held at the old Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto. Ryan remembers the meeting as being very memorable. He says that Owen was very kind, funny and very comfortable to be around which is not always the case when meeting any kind of celebrity, especially when you are a kid. Ryan received a action figure of Owen that Owen himself autographed. Ryan says it was from that moment that he knew that Owen was special.

We at Construx Nunchux are very proud inducting Owen Hart into the 2012 Hall of Fame for not only being  a great part of Wrestling, but for his kindness, his sense of humour and his passion. Weather it was for his "job", his friends or his Family Owen showed that same passion in every aspect of his life and he will always be remembered.

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