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The Cat War (audio)

6:22:00 AMRyan Noble

It has been a little while since our last update on the Cat War. Sadly, (and in a small way, we are grateful) we have had little to share. We have only a few cats that have been able to give us any information from either side of the battlefield. This has been a very delicate situation here in the Construx Nunchux family, what with the brothers being American and myself being a Canadian. Plus as cat lovers, everything so far has crushed us. Though,  it has been difficult, we realize that being the only site covering the war, it is our responsibility to keep you informed.

On that note, we have received something from the war itself. The other day I got some audio footage from the war. Little details on the clip were provided, so we can only assume where the audio was recorded (Lower Saskatchewan), and what exactly is happening in the recording. I have also been asked that I don't disclose who my source is. If you knew what Rock and Roll was like to live with when he is upset, you would understand my silence.

Anyways, here is the footage.
WARNING!- This audio is not for the faint of heart. After hearing it, I couldn't eat or sleep. After this all I can do is pray that this brutal war ends soon...

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