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revlexionZ: Thanks For The Hemmorhages! (92-93)

3:42:00 PMPaul

After a long hianus, we return to present soon to be lost footage of a solo silhouetted Ian reeking... havoc at the alma mater of his youth, not that it matters.  Free Information Act etc etc (Whatever people post on youtube to keep their stuff from being banned and bombarded) to Lee German and Inter-State Studio.-- cXnX mGmX

1a:  Kid watching Ian: "Geez..."

1b: Ian: "I'll get her."

2a: Kid facing window: Look, it's math!
      Ian: Look, kids, Math!

2b:  Mrs. Pisula (or someone else?): "No Ian, not as in Beat."

3a: [Young musicians] witness Ian demonstrate sword swallowing.

3b: [Reading is fun] when Ian hides from it.

4a: Ian goes to Hell.

4b: Ian: "Help! She's killing me!"

5a: Ian: Whaaa waa waa!
     Mrs. Mumich [thinking]: Oh, Ian...

5b: Ian: Woohoo! Screw nines!
     Mr. Clark: Ian!

6a: Ian: "Look at my butt, Little Girl."

6b: [Add your own Ian caption!]

7a: Kid #1: "Did you see Ian?"
Kid #2: "Cool! Ian!"
Ian: "Look at me!"

7b: Perfect for the ultimate swing vault.
Ian: "Oh my God!"

8a: Ian: "Just wait till they come in the door and POW!"

8b: Kid #1: "Eww, it's an Ian."
      Kid #2: "Kill it."

9a: Mrs. Mahoney: "Is that Ian?:

9b: Paul's signature.

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