Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle Review

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Asian Shock has been a guilty pleasure of mine for a few months now. One thing I learned is that they are VERY hit and miss. Some are astoundingly violent, some are painfully bizarre, but the best ones are a little of both.

Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle is a sequel to Hard Revenge Milly which I have not seen, but as you can imagine that it really didn't matter.

The story begins with a girl walking though post-apocalyptic Japan (the year 20xx) looking to hire Milly to find the assassin who killed her lover.

During this conversation a bunch of random gas mask guys come in and distrupt what's going on. This is definitely where these types of movies shine, with random battles with tons of the red stuff.

At one point Milly busts out nunchukus, that for whatever reason has the power to rip someone in half. She successfully murders the half dozen guys who intrude on her conversation, by using swords, guns, and shotguns installed in her knees.

When shit settles down she tells the strange girl that she doesn't kill because she likes to. But ... she just ... never mind. Eventually we find out Milly is a cyborg and that revenge has only made her an empty shell ... blah blah blah.

She teaches the random girl to fight with Tonfa machine guns which was pretty sweet, and they have another random encounter with the two main baddies of the movie. Both of them are brothers, and one of them seems awfully interested in converting his brother to homosexuality. They fight and the one gay super villain rips Milly's arm off and punches her machine chest KO'ing her.

Milly blacks out and the doctor who gave her robot parts (in the first movie?) originally makes her stronger with crazier weapons.

Eventually Milly, the strange girl, and the two villains meet again. They battle, and Milly uses a rocket propelled arm to obliterate the head off the main villain.

Movie over.

I think the simplicity, and the shortness of the film worked to it's advantage. The bizarre level of this movie was way turned down compared to other movies in the genre. The violence was OK but sparse. Yeah there were about 4 decapitations, and exploding heads, but this genre yields some of most silly/insane violence I have ever seen. It's OK to watch because it does not take up much time, and the story is very easy to follow. The cinematic aspect was way disproportionately good to what kind of fluff the plot contained.

All in all I would give it 3 exploding heads out of 5.

Here is the trailer to the movie:

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